Thursday, February 10, 2011

Deniers slam the GATE on deniers

Deniers and denier chums seem to be doing their best to destroy any semblance of credibility they might have hoped for among gullible members of the public. Hopefully their latest shonky tactics backfire and they sink into oblivion sooner rather than later.

First denier shonkiness was shown up after their unfounded 'interpretations' of stolen emails, which were subject to several reviews in the USA and in the UK by eminent persons who concluded that not only were these allegations without any basis, but that the scientists had done diligent and critically important work over decades, informing the world of the dangers of greenhouse gas emissions.

Recently deniers and their chums organised what was erroneously titled a 'reconciliation' conference, in which they sought legitimacy by inviting 'prominent' climate scientists to discuss matters such as the purported 'medieval warm period' and 'ice'! The reconciliation efforts included presentation of a t-shirt with climate science going into a trashcan, and false reporting in the press of the contents of an email from Dr Gavin Schmidt, in which he declined the invitation to attend the workshop.

O'DonnellGATE: Maybe in an attempt to deflect attention away from the disastrous Lisbongate, within a day or so numerous denier websites published erroneous allegations of impropriety by a climate scientist, as alleged by a non-scientist whose work was published in a peer reviewed climate journal. The 'gate' part is apt, because not only did the offender publish reviewers comments, but named the anonymous reviewer and incorrectly described the actions of said reviewer - all in a riot of colourful language on several denier blogs as well as referring his readers to inaccurate allegations in the mainstream press.

Another perspective on O'Donnellgate can be found in this article, written before O'Donnell and co lost any pretense at decorum, and titled:
Climate Skeptic Refutes Self, Confirms Antarctica Warming

It's not only warming in West Antarctica, on the east flights were stopped to Casey in Eastern Antarctica earlier this summer because of the 'heat wave'.

It is clear that deniers and denier chums have no interest in facts about climate. All they seek to do is try to impugn the integrity of climate scientists, create doubt and foment outrage and denial that we all share responsibility for the weather disasters we're suffering, albeit not equally. Because their attacks on facts are so easily shown to be false, their current tactic is to libel prominent scientists one by one. At the rate they are going, in about 10,000 years they will have libelled everyone currently working in climate science. Not sure how they will keep up with new scholars entering the field.

Meanwhile it looks as if the world is now on the downhill side of peak oil, weather disasters are too numerous to report and little is happening to address the issue. Indeed, in the USA, Republicans are attempting to increase greenhouse gas emissions substantially.

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