Other interesting links

The Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change - Bureau of Meteorology booklet - very good.

The CO2 problem in six easy steps - from realclimate.org

ENSO advisory NOAA

Rethinking wedges ERL 2013

14k science papers show climate change is real +/- caused by humans

Separating signal from noise in surface temperature - Santer quotes

Published Santer paper on separating signal from noise 2011

Pdf presentation on separating signal from noise Santer.

Paleoclimatology: The Ice Core Record - NASA

SciAm: Using Nitrogen 15 isotopes to date CO2 in ice cores (March 13)

Forests are dying - 2010 article about pine beetle and other dying forests around the world - Diana Six - by Jim Robbins

British Antarctic Survey: Ice Core Briefing


Earth's energy balance - simple explanation of greenhouse gases from NASA

Oxygen isotopes and their use in paleoclimatology  a very readable overview for the layperson (from NASA)

Solar radiation spectrum from Wikipedia

Tamino and all that data

Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum - when the global temperature rose a whole 6 degrees Celsius in the short time of 20,000 years

RealClimate.org on if we stabilised carbon or cut emissions to zero

Arctic ice 2007 NSIDC

All humans (and all Australia) emit a lot more CO2 than all the world's volcanoes Full paper here.

Does Monckton ever tell the truth? Debunking of Monckton's misinformation by Abraham.

Jeff Master's recap of 2010

Jeff Master's Top Ten Global Weather Events 2011

8 Insanely Gigantic Solar Plants in Construction - via SolarFeeds - 30 April 2011

Here is a paper showing why heat stress can kill

The Water Cycle - NASA

http://www.youtube.com/user/firstorbit Film commemorating the first orbit by Yuri Gagarin, with music by Philip Sheppard.

Interview with Noam Chomsky on climate, health and other matters affecting the USA and the world.

Human migration and evolution paper by Doran Behar in 2008.

Wikipedia article on human evolution.

CO2 and human health

Inhofe's 400 deniers

USA political contributions etc

Are you more informed than a Fox News viewer?

USA radar loop

Atmoz 400 ppm wager - 2010

Joseph Priestly biography by TE Thorpe FRS, 1906

Conservative scientists

NASA Global Climate Change - vital signs of the planet

Arctic sea ice recent history - overview - blog

The Thomson Reservoir Triggered Earthquakes - Allen et al (2000)

Iceland meteorology

Arctic maps

PM Julia Gillard on misogyny (nothing to do with climate) October 2012