Climate change links

Video, Radio and Simulations
Dessler vs Lindzen on climate sensitivity
Richard Alley - the biggest control knob
Richard Alley and the ice ages (short video)
Richard Alley at US House Committee 2010
David Archer's University of Chicago lectures
Annotation of CO2 measured over time - excellent short video
Dr Michael Mann interview Feb 2010
The Arctic Ice

Art and stories
Franke James (who designed the CO2 toaster)

Adaptation and mitigation
Dairy farming in Australia

Science, tools and measurements

Latest charts and information

Weather and Temperature
Global atmospheric temperatures - latest
Bureau of Meteorology, Australia - climate and past weather
NOAA monthly global report
NOAA global hazards monthly report
NASA GLOBAL Land-Ocean Temperature Index latest monthly
Environment Canada weather and climate info
Weather reports

Sea surface temp monthly anomaly
Animated sea surface temp and anomalies - 12 weeks - NOAA
Global ocean heat and salt content NOAA

Carbon Dioxide
CO2 Mauna Loa monthly

State of the cryosphere
Ice extent news
Ice extent arctic daily - NSIDC
Ice extent antarctic daily - NSIDC
Arctic webcams - North Pole
NSIDC - Nordic ice edge 1750 - 2002
Sea ice boundaries August from 1751 - various years as jpg files
Arctic ROOS
AMSR2 ice maps and charts
Arctic sea ice volume PIOMAS chart
PIOMAS forecast - animated
Polar Science Centre Arctic sea ice volume description (PIOMAS)
JAXA sea ice extent
DMI Arctic sea ice extent
Wilkins Ice Shelf webcam

Radiation flux from satellite monitoring by NASA
Total solar irradiance (SORCE)

NASA chart of the warming world
Remote Sensing Systems
BOM Australia drought statement
Murray Darling Basin Authority

Government sites
Carbon in the air - NOAA Cooperative Air Sampling
UN / (new)
Australian Bureau of Meteorology climate site
NASA climate information and science
Environment Protection Authority USA
CSIRO Australia - climate change
Victorian Government climate change
NOAA climate site (new)
Sea level and climate USGS

Other science sites
Centre for Ice and Climate - Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen
realclimate - science from the climate scientists
Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists
Union of Concerned Scientists - CO2 measurements - Climate science for the layperson
Snowball earth
Science Daily - tools for working out climate change - stats expert
Clear Climate Code

History of climate science - Spencer Weart's history of global warming
Climate science timeline - from Bright Stars Wildomar

Science, politics and philosophy - Joe Romm's blog on climate change
ClimateSpectator - Australian-based climate news outlet
Stoat - William Connolley's blog - Greenfyre blog - Deltoid blog - Eli Rabbett's blog Mike from Melbourne
The Policy Lass
James' Empty Blog
The Onion

Debunking deniers
The dim light bulb, aka not many Watts
Wott's up with that
The obsessive but error-prone shonky auditor
Demolishing the self;called Galileo Movement - in SciAm
De-bunking of anti-climate science papers - from AGW Observer

Public opinion polls
Newspoll in Australia Feb 2010
UK Guardian / ICM Jan 2011

Legal challenges
Kivalina vs ExxonMobil and others

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