Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Frog weirdness

For the third night in a row a frog has jumped on me in bed. To get here they had to either climb on the verandah and jump through the window or come in the back door and find their way through several other rooms.

The first time it was a middle sized frog that jumped on my head, the past two nights the frogs have been tiny little things. The one tonight really seemed like it wanted to stay - it kept jumping back on me and looking at me.

Too strange. Why are they visiting me in my bedroom, and why are they jumping on me?

Maybe before putting them out in the garden I should have kissed them to see if a handsome prince emerges.

(I know this isn't a climate post - or maybe it is. The weather is breaking new records this summer - for rain and rain intensity for a change, not heat. Hence the frogs, I guess!)

UPDATE: After finding the third tiny frog last night I did a quick walk around the house and found another tiny frog sitting on the top of the skirting board in the kitchen, and another on the floor in the bedroom. This afternoon I found another frog in a bowl under the tap in the front yard. The bowl had filled with water because of the recent rain and the frog was nestled under some grass clippings that had blown into the bowl. It looks as if the recent rain, while causing floods in Victoria in south-eastern Australia, has been good for frogs. (Our floods have not been a patch on those further north, as discussed in other posts.)

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