Monday, March 15, 2010

A man with no friends

The conservative lobby group SPPI recently published a long article by Nicola Scafetta. The poor man has no friends, it seems. His papers have previously been debunked by the climate scientists on and this recent tome has now been trashed on the un-science site WUWT, even by young Anthony himself!

In only the second paragraph of the introduction, Scafetta chose to refer to the fake Oregon petition and the stolen CRU emails to support his thesis. This raised red flags from the word go. Although I'm not a climate scientist nor a physicist, my guess is that the paper only went downhill from there. And it seems most people agree with me, whether they are deniers, sceptics or already understand why human emissions of CO2 are causing the earth to heat up.

Shame :(

I notice that among other activities, Scafetta is doing some work in collaboration with the NASA team on ACRIM whose website even has a link to this set of deniosaur links. Very strange!

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