Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yasi extends its influence

Down here in north eastern Victoria we were warned to expect flash floods in the next couple of days. The rain has already begun, accompanied by thunder and lightning.

Here are some time lapse graphics from the Bureau of Meteorology andNOAA showing how Yasi is already extending its influence right down to the south east corner of Australia, more than 2,000 km south of where the eye of Yasi crossed the coastline in Queensland this morning. The warm wet air from Yasi is hitting the air mass coming across from the south west and the low is expected to sit for a couple of days, dumping up to 100mm water and maybe causing flooding here for the third time this summer, with the ground already well saturated.

Summers here are meant to be mostly dry. With all this rain and humidity the crops are getting diseased with mildew and fungus. At least those that haven't been destroyed by intense rain or washed away in floods.

It's hot and sticky tonight. This morning we had the low lying mist typical of winter, except it was much hotter.

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